Do you want to sea our trip to Seychelles ?

Ok, yes, we know we are going a bit fast with this relationship and that we are not following the standard dating schedule… but what the heck. We are happy together, and we know this relationship has many reasons to fail, so we might as well go all in… take a big bet and see where that brings us.

This is how we landed in Seychelles.
“let’so go on holiday together”
“all right, where would you like to go”
“I would love to go to the seaside.”
“I always dreamt of going to Seychelles”
This is love guys. Love.
We went to Seychelles.

Seychelles is a dream place, and we are a bit too early in our relationship to go to one of those honeymoon resorts. Imagine the conversation with the other guests
“oh we just got married, we have been together for 6 years and we love each other sooo much”
“oh cute, we met 3 months ago, not sure this will last but hey, great beaches around here ha!”
So we thought: let’s do something different: a sailing trip!
A sailing trip is with other people, in confined place… for the whole week. Depending on who you find… you might love it, or hate it.
But being on a boat, on the sea, and visit many islands instead of just one was an appealing idea!

When we arrived we realized the boat we booked was not really a sailing boat. Yes maybe it was – 100 years ago – but now it is an old vintage boat with a big stinky engine that does not give justice to this sea. But we are here. And I feel luckier thatn the couple who is indeed on honeymoon and rented a catamaran – which was overbooked and they got downgraded. OH!

Our trip has been: Mahé – Cousin cousine – Praslin – La Digue – ile curieuse – vallee de mai – aride (ile aux oiseau)

In this trip :
1. I had tons of fun with the one who will be the future father of my children – we love each other also on holiday and this is good news
2. I saw the most amazing beaches of the world
3. I learnt how to dive and saw millions of colored fishes!
4. I learnt how to be calm also if there is a shark 1 meter away from me

I enjoyed the local cuisine – got a recipe for the curry and I will miss the girl calling us in the morning “breakfast is ready”!!

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