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I am a Dior fan, and this is a free giveaway!

If you follow me, by now you know i am not a fashionista nor a beauty blogger – and i am not planning to become one! I am a working woman, who happen to be also a busy mom. And.. ain’t nobody got time for make up and complicated hairdos.

But since i gave birth there are 3 things i never leave home without: hydrating cream, perfume and a veil of lipstick. My beauty routine just does not allow me more than that more often than not. And, some mornings i am just so busy.. that those are the only things i can apply while driving to work, after i kissed millllllions of times my little boy while dropping him off at daycare!

So, after shopping for Dior gifts for me and my own mother… for mother’s day this year… i got 2 beautiful sets in exchange. But as i have supplies for a year now.. i thought of organizing this giveaway.

SOOOO: get ready busy mothers of the world: this is a free giveaway on instagram, everyone can participate to. And tell your friends because… you could be the lucky winner!

I just want to mention, i am not paid by Dior for this post, they are not even aware – and i hope they do not mind, but hey… why should they! – so… here the instructions:

  1. like this post on instagram (link here)
  2. in the comments tag 3 friends of yours
  3. make sure all of you are following @wonderwomamma

And good luck!!

PS. the winner must be willing to share with me the shipping address to receive the gift.

2 thoughts on “I am a Dior fan, and this is a free giveaway!”

  1. Hello charming lady! I am very pleased to subscribe to your blog and page in the instagram! You are very kind daughter and a loving mother and this is so wonderful!
     I myself work very hard and understand you perfectly. After all, work and household chores take up a lot of time, which so little remains for their beauty and care)
     But you are still worthy of respect, and admiration, because you spend time to blog and share your thoughts and impressions of your life!
     Thank you very much for the great contest and the opportunity to participate!
     My nickname in the instagram @less_70_


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