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I am a Dior fan, and this is a free giveaway!

If you follow me, by now you know i am not a fashionista nor a beauty blogger – and i am not planning to become one! I am a working woman, who happen to be also a busy mom. And.. ain’t nobody got time for make up and complicated hairdos.

But since i gave birth there are 3 things i never leave home without: hydrating cream, perfume and a veil of lipstick. My beauty routine just does not allow me more than that more often than not. And, some mornings i am just so busy.. that those are the only things i can apply while driving to work, after i kissed millllllions of times my little boy while dropping him off at daycare!

So, after shopping for Dior gifts for me and my own mother… for mother’s day this year… i got 2 beautiful sets in exchange. But as i have supplies for a year now.. i thought of organizing this giveaway.

SOOOO: get ready busy mothers of the world: this is a free giveaway on instagram, everyone can participate to. And tell your friends because… you could be the lucky winner!

I just want to mention, i am not paid by Dior for this post, they are not even aware – and i hope they do not mind, but hey… why should they! – so… here the instructions:

  1. like this post on instagram (link here)
  2. in the comments tag 3 friends of yours
  3. make sure all of you are following @wonderwomamma

And good luck!!

PS. the winner must be willing to share with me the shipping address to receive the gift.