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June 3rd World Bicycle day – get your family on the bike!

I am a very busy mom. I mean, who isn’t ? They say you do not understand what busy mean until you become a mom. Then they say – when you are a mom – that you do not understand what busy is until you have a second kid. On one side I believe it is right, but it is all matter of choices: we are all busy one way or another, and what keeps us busy depends often on our obligations – certainly – but also on our choices.

Often we feel overwhelmed, and that depends on the balance between what we HAVE to do, and what we LOVE to do.

This is why it is important not only to make time for things we committed to do – but for things that make us happy – which are often the ones we postpone.

One thing that makes me happy is riding my bike. Get down that path, in all speed, with the wind blowing through my hair, enjoy the view of the fields around my home, singing a son with my son behind me, to finally get into the busy streets of the city. Cross the ancient buildings to arrive to the parc, and unfold the cloth to start a pic nic with the family in front of the lake. I love these Sundays!

Our days are so packed that if we want to fit everything in the schedule, we cannot avoid using the car. Then depending on where we live, cycling can not be an option. But today, the World bicycle day, get on your bike, get your family on their bike, and ride to a park, a lake, a field, a square and enjoy a pic nic outside. Take a picture of the ride. Cherish that moment. Because remember, as Einstein once said: life is like riding a bicycle, to keep balance you must keep moving.