Greek Gemista – Recipe for Stuffed tomatoes

Ok… so by now you do know that i went on a quest for the best Gemista in Greece, but while doing that i got lost in other type of delicious food, right?

So, i had NO CHOICE. Make my own gemista coming back home!

And, yes the greek might have different ways of doing it, but this it a pretty good one trust me!

Ingredients for 4 people
-8 big juicy tomatoes
– 240 gr of parboiled rice (or arborio, but i do prefer parboiled)
– 1 shallot and 1 garlic clove
– 1 glass of white wine
– oil (extra virgin olive oil)
– salt, pepper, basil and coriander (or persil if you prefer) – and if you have, add fresh oregano

How to proceed:
1. open the top of each tomato and empty them in a bowl. then put some salt inside the emptied tomatoes
2. mix the tomatoes with the onions, garlic, winne, herbs and spices. I prefer to use immersion blender.
3. add the oil and the rice, and stir
4. fill the emptied tomatoes with the mix in the bowl, close the tomatoes with the caps you cut out… and
5. cook in the oven for 45 minutes at 170 °C!


And bon appetit!





3 very good reasons to go on holiday in Greece

They told us not to.
In May? too cold!
Santorini with a baby? not worth it!
Go to formentera, they have an hospital!
Mi kid got sick in Greece, go when he is older…

I heard so many reasons not to go… But we dared! And I do not regret our choice! Why?

1. Paradise is only few hours away.
2. The blue and the white everywhere make peace in your mind and boost love in your heart.
3. The food. The food. You just can find comfort in their food (top food here)

We left for 9 days: 4 in Santorini, 4 in Milos and 1 in Folegandros.

The flight was direct to SANTORINI, so we spent a couple of nights there and enjoyed the sun and the beach to relax after the pre-holiday work rush.
Then we took a boat to MILOS – where we lived in paradise for 4 days. The best beaches are there – no seriously this is a perfect place (if you want to know more click here).
Then we stopped over in FOLEGANDROS for one night… it is very cute but it is not worth going off season. There are very few buses to visit the island, the beaches are nice but the water is cold and there is a lot of wind, shops are still closed and restaurants… are renovating!
Then we took the boat back to SANTORINI, to visit the rest of the island: the caldera, the multicolored beaches (black, red, white) and admire the sunset from the best spot (yes we found the best spot to watch sunset in Santorini)…

I came back and I forgot my password, this is a sign that this was a great getaway!

I love Greece!